Avengers 4 title: Why the name reveal is 'a very big deal'

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Avengers: Infinity War was released in April 2018 - its follow-up still doesn't have an official title

To the untrained eye a picture of a man in a film studio with the caption "look hard" might not get the heart racing.

But for thousands of people who liked an image posted by the Russo Brothers (long-time directors of The Avengers films) it's "a very big deal".

The next film in the franchise is due out in April 2019 and so far has a working title of Avengers 4.

So it's no wonder that even a slight whiff of an official name would send fans, in their own words, "a bit hypo".

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"I've got the Russo Brothers on tweet notification because they like a bit of mystery.

"Twitter just went into a frenzy when that one came up," said Cam - who's been a fan of the series for years.

Marvel meets Bond

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Cam thinks the production company will keep teasing fans until the release of the first official trailer

He explained followers of the Marvel universe are used to getting film names "years in advance at Comic Con or something" and that this is "the first title for ages" without an official name this close to release.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has previously said announcing the title now would have been a spoiler for the new film, but having such a long delay is Cam explains "why fans are going a bit hypo for anything new".

"They were going to split Infinity War into two parts so Avengers 4 was going to be Avengers: Infinity War - Part 2.

"But then they dropped that title and they haven't given us a new one.

"It's a different kind of guessing game now, they're always trying to find new ways to market the films.

"Withholding a title is something films like James Bond and Star Wars have done for ages. I think Marvel wanted to join in on that now and hype up the movie in a way they haven't before."

Is this the endgame?

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As for the picture, Cam said there's "all sorts of things" going on.

"There's a ladder in the shape of an A, and other hidden letters as well. Another A, an E and a G by the look of it.

"Endgame has been quite a popular name online but the Russo Brothers have said the Avengers 4 title was never spoken in the script of Infinity War and 'endgame' was said so it might not be that."

Cam suggests: "Infinity Gauntlet - using the G that some people have picked out - might be a good one."

* Spoilers from Avengers Infinity War start here*

Image source, Marvel/Disney
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Josh Brolin plays Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War

That theory is based on Avengers villain Thanos spending several years plotting to piece together his Infinity Gauntlet since he was introduced in the first Avengers movie in 2012.

He used it to kill half of all the living beings in the universe at the end of Infinity War, including 50% of the Avengers.

"After Infinity War it would be a bit more personal to be about this gauntlet that can kill half the universe, so it would make it a bit more grounded and to the point," said Cam.

*This is where the spoilers end*

Not just geeks any more

American fan Roy thinks Endgame "could make a lot of sense".

"I looked hard and the first thing I saw was the two As in it.

"A lot of people say it could be Avengers Assemble but that was the title of the original Avengers film in the UK so I don't think it could be that without confusing a lot of people."

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Having been a fan for 15 years, Roy said he "loves seeing everybody get into" the speculation around the new film.

"It was always seen as a bit weird to read comics.

"So when everyone started getting into it and all the stories it meant a lot to me. I'm glad it's able to reach a wider fan base.

"The Russo Brothers know that they have us all by the collar. They know we'll be speculating and reading into things. I think it's a lot of fun."

Cam agreed: "It's become a much bigger culture now to get involved in superhero films.

"Everyone at some point has seen some sort of superhero film - it's not just for the 'geeks' any more."

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