Fyre Festival: NFL star Jason Bell threatens to sue over his appearance in doc

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Former NFL star Jason Bell says he's planning to sue over his appearance in Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary.

He appears in the opening moments of the programme, promising he will be attending the event.

Influencers such as Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid were paid to promote the disastrous Bahamas festival, but Jason says he was just invited to party.

People ended up on mattresses on rain-soaked floors with meals of cheese slices on bread.

Jason spoke about his involvement with Billy McFarland in a recent episode of his podcast.

Billy McFarland is the man who attempted to put on Fyre Festival.

He promised ticket-buyers they would party with models and Instagram stars on a private island, but is now serving a six-year jail sentence after being convicted of fraud, after the event turned into total chaos.

Image copyright Netflix
Image caption Billy McFarland is currently serving a six-year jail term for fraud

Jason says he never signed a release form when he was filmed by Billy's film crew. He claims Netflix and the producers of the documentary don't have the rights to use footage of him.

Jason is credited as appearing as himself in archive footage on the film's IMDb page.

'I got Los Angeles lawyers. They like this kind of stuff'

"I signed nothing. They don't have the rights," says Jason, who has a child with former Girls Aloud singer Nadine Coyle.

"I don't have a release form with Netflix, I don't have a release form with the production company. Somebody's writing a cheque."

Radio 1 Newsbeat has contacted Netflix for a response to Jason's lawsuit claims, but they have yet to respond.

"I got Los Angeles lawyers. They like this kind of stuff," he added.

"This is bad because I should not be on there."

Image copyright Netflix
Image caption Fyre Festival left influencers and party-goers fighting for disaster relief tents after promising a luxury festival experience

Fyre Festival has already been the subject of multi-million dollar lawsuits.

Billy McFarland has been successfully sued by festival-goer Seth Crossno, (who also appears in the documentary), talking about his experiences on Great Exuma - where Fyre eventually took place.

He and three friends spent $45,000 (£34,785) on tickets, accommodation and flights to Fyre.

"My friend and I who went, we filed a lawsuit and it was originally just to get our money back," Seth told Newsbeat.

"My attorney looked into it more, into the documents and tweets and he said we'd been through a lot, it had been a serious situation."

However, Billy McFarland is required by law to repay investors in his company an estimated $27m (£20m) before settling with Seth, who expects to wait up to 20 years to get paid anything.

"We have a piece of paper that says 'Billy McFarland owes you $5m'" he adds.

"My attorney says he has a plan for figuring that out and he has some assets that are starting to be collected. It's going to be a long process."

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