Hair, beards, pants and other sports stars' pledges

Scott Wagstaff, Gary Linekar, Romania team 1998 Image copyright Getty Images/BBC/Getty Images

"I forgot that I made that bet, but I'll take that all day long."

Dubbed as the guy with the biggest beard in the FA Cup, AFC Wimbledon's Scott Wagstaff pledged to dye his chin hair if they pulled off a shock and beat West Ham.

He clearly didn't think they'd do it but they won 4-2 and he's now sticking to his promise to go blue and yellow.

Scott isn't the first to make that 'I'll-eat-my-hat' sort of pledge.

Most football fans will remember Gary Lineker presenting Match of the Day in his pants.

Image copyright BBC Sport
Image caption We think he had a spray tan before this

The diehard Leicester fan vowed to present the BBC highlights show in his underwear if the Foxes won the Premier League title in 2016.

They did it. And as a consequence, so did Gary.

Many were impressed.

Others expected to see more.

He only lasted 10 minutes before he got his suit back on, though.

A pledge that lasted quite a while longer was this one from the Romanian football team at the 1998 World Cup in France.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Will the real Slim Shady please step forward

It was apparently a strategy meeting where they all decided if they made it through to the group stages the whole team would dye their hair blond.

After beating England in their second group match, out came the bleach.

It may have brought them lots of press coverage, but sadly it was for their hair rather than their success on the pitch. They drew their final group game with Tunisia and then bombed out of the tournament after losing to Croatia in the first knockout round.

For many of us, our hair is our crown - so why would you bet it on winning a video game?

That's exactly what NBA star Carmelo Anthony did. Whilst he was still playing for the Denver Nuggets he had to cut off his trademark braids when he lost in an NBA Live 09 game.

He went from this.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Hair today

To this.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption The do's not that bad Melo

As for Scott Wagstaff he's told us he'll definitely have a blue and white beard for The Dons' FA Cup fifth-round match next month.

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