UK heatwave: The best jokes and memes

a man trying to cool down with a fan Image copyright Getty Images

If you haven't had at least 17 conversations about the weather today, you're doing something wrong.

Whether it's competing over who's had the least sleep, to trotting out tried and tested cliches such as: "Well when it's like this, you don't need to go abroad," Brits are superb at weather-based chat.

But with temperatures charging towards 40C, there's no doubt plenty of people are failing to see the funny side.

Luckily, that's where the internet comes in - doing the jokes so you don't have to.

The stupidly hot nights have been a favourite over the last few days..

Let's not forget, it's only a few weeks since we were all moaning about this summer being rubbish compared to last year.

No surprise to see cats and dogs making comedy appearances.

Always handy to have some blindingly obvious public health advice dispensed via the medium of comedy...

For those who don't follow football, that's Danny Drinkwater. I think we can all see what they've done there. It would've been even better if he'd been called Danny PutYourPillowcasesInTheFreezerBeforeGoingToBed.

And here's another excellent, practical top tip.

It's definitely advisable to take things easy, don't try to achieve too much.

If you do have to work, there are things you can do to minimise the heat.

Obviously, we're not suggesting anyone actually sits inside their fridge - that would be ridiculous and potentially dangerous.

But there's no doubt, large swathes of the country are currently screaming this at the skies...

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