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Fire Emblem: Nintendo cuts voice actor over emotional abuse

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image captionChris Niosi is being removed as the voice of character Byleth in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Nintendo is replacing a voice actor in new game Fire Emblem: Three Houses after he admitted emotionally abusing ex-partners and friends.

The role-playing game was only released last week, but an update is already planned to remove Chris Niosi.

He posted an apology and explanation on Tumblr a few days before the game was released.

"I have horribly mistreated and abused friends, colleagues and even my significant others," he wrote.

He says he was prompted to write the post after a recent ex-girlfriend detailed the abuse she had experienced during their relationship.

In it she wrote: "I dated him from September 2017 to April 2019 and it was a miserable experience to say the least."

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Chris Niosi responded: "I have accepted that by talking about all of these things, my life is going to change and there will be consequences."

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He wrote personal apologies to two ex-girlfriends, three former friends and two former fans.

Nintendo announced its decision regarding his appearance in Fire Emblem after the Tumblr posts were published.

"After assessing the situation, we decided to re-record the character's voiceovers in Fire Emblem: Three Houses and Fire Emblem Heroes with another actor," the company said in a statement.

"The new voiceovers will be included in a future patch [a game update]."

Chris voiced Byleth, one of the main characters in the new Fire Emblem game.

A trailer released on 26 July, the day the game was released, reportedly includes the voice of another actor.

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