The Capture: New BBC drama set to make us paranoid

By Sinead Garvan
Newsbeat entertainment reporter

Callum Turner in The Capture

This article contains minor plot spoilers for episode one of The Capture

The BBC's new drama The Capture has already been compared to Bodyguard and it certainly has a lot of the same ingredients.

A strong female lead in the form of Holliday Grainger and a brooding, misunderstood man in uniform played by Callum Turner, 29.

We first meet Callum's character, Shaun, a former solider, as his conviction for murdering a Taliban prisoner of war while on duty in Afghanistan is overturned due to flawed video evidence.

Barely has he had time to celebrate his freedom, and try to redeem himself in the eyes of his young daughter, when CCTV footage from a night out threatens his freedom once again.

The plot focuses on the themes of fake news, society's reliance on surveillance footage and how easily it can be manipulated.

Image caption,
Callum Turner's character Shaun on the run from the police

Callum's character believes that after kissing his posh lawyer - Hannah, played by Laura Haddock - good night at the bus stop they both went their separate ways.

The CCTV shows something quite different. And now Hannah is missing.

The question is: has someone tampered with the footage or, as the police think, is Callum responsible for her disappearance?

Who can we trust?

The point the writer of the show is trying to get across is that, if there is software available that can manipulate what we think we see and hear then how do we know who, or what, to trust?

"We've had the boom of the internet and the boom of this technology, and now we're starting to understand it," Callum tells Newsbeat.

In July, the acclaimed Netflix documentary, The Great Hack, put the spotlight on how user data has been misused on social media platforms like Facebook in the past.

It told the story of the one of the biggest data scandals of recent times, when information from millions of Facebook profiles was handed over to the now defunct data analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica.

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Holliday Grainger stars as DI Rachel Carey, investigating Shaun's case

Callum says he recently watched the documentary and it made a real impression on him.

"It was incredibly interesting about how your data, and things like facial recognition, are used. Where does that data go? We don't know.

"It's a very important moment in our history where we start to understand what our rights are and if we have any."

Gripping drama

But behind the big questions the drama wants us to consider is a truly gripping piece of television - guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat.

And it seems audiences agree - with the first episode, which aired on 3 September, racking up more than 5m viewers.

"I just couldn't stop turning the pages," Callum says, recalling his reaction when he got the script.

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Callum Turner (left) says he was instantly gripped by The Capture's script

"The character goes on the run and there was a stage direction in which he climbs over something and gets tasered.

"The next line was that he bounces straight back up again, and I thought, 'I want to play someone who bounces straight back up after being tasered'."

He says he was also drawn to the world the writer, Ben Chanan, had created that pays homage to the type of conspiracy movies he loves to watch.

Callum says his love of TV drama started at a young age, when he used to creep downstairs, aged six, to watch EastEnders.

"I would hide behind the door, and my mum would say 'If you're there you are in big trouble!'

"She would call up and complain if she thought the show was too violent. I would be like 'Mum don't do that!'"

The Harry Potter connection

You may recognise Callum from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: The Crimes of Grinderwald.

He plays Newt Scamander's brother Theseus. The film made more than $653m (£525m) worldwide but Callum says his success hasn't changed him.

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Callum (left) plays Eddie Redmayne's on-screen brother in The Crimes of Grinderwald

"My life is very much the same as it was before," he says.

"I can do nice things, for example I have a cousin in Yorkshire who is a huge Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts fan.

"I sent him my wand with a letter from Theseus. I didn't tell anyone I was going to do it.

"Everyone was confused as to why someone was sending my cousin a wand. When they found out they loved it.

"I love that I can do things like that, it's sweet."

Despite having worked alongside the likes of Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law and Johnny Depp, Callum credits his mum with helping him achieve his dreams.

"She used to take me to the cinema to watch a lot of different films.

"But she'd be proud of me whatever I do, as long as I'm a nice person."

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