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Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2019: The winning image

image copyrightSarah Skinner/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
image caption"Grab life by the..." We imagine there was nothing funny about the aftermath of this photo

Frightened fish, shy bears, sarcastic owls and birds that were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

These are the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards finalists - but we imagine there wasn't much to laugh about for the subject of the winning image, above.

It was taken by Sarah Skinner in Botswana, and shows a lion club "playing"...

The young lioness "continues to thrive in the pride", according to Sarah, who also wanted to "encourage everyone, as a collective" to do their best to help conserve wildlife "so that future generations can enjoy them in the same way I have during my career".

Have a look below at some of the finalists.

image copyrightAnthony N Petrovich/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards
image caption'He's... behind me, isn't he?' Where's Finding Nemo's Bruce when you need him?
image copyrightAlastair Marsh/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
image caption"Waltz Gone Wrong?" These foxes wouldn't win any awards for their dancing
image copyrightKevin Sawford/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
image caption"Hello, and good day to you"
image copyrightHarry M. Walker/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
image caption"Oh My." Ever seen an otter do 'the scream'?
image copyrightTilakRaJ'NagaRaJ/Comedy Wildlife Photography Award
image caption"Follow at your own risk." Finally, justice for anyone who's ever fallen victim to bird droppings
image copyrightVicki Jauron/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
image caption"Holly jolly snowy" - why is this owl mocking us?
image copyrightThomas D Mangelsen/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards
image caption"Laid back" - this chimp knows how to relax
image copyrightValtteri Mulkahainen/Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards
image caption"One, two, three - I'm going to find you." Not when your opponent is hidden THAT well
image copyrightDonna Bourdon/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards
image caption"Hi!" Bye

A version of this article showing the finalists was originally published in September.

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