Supreme Court verdict: How Lady Hale became an unlikely Twitter hero

Lady Hales wearing her badges Image copyright PA Media / Supreme Court / Kevin Leight / PA Wires

Today we learnt Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful.

Earlier this month the Prime Minister suspended - or prorogued - Parliament for five weeks. This stopped MPs from debating in the House of Commons.

But the Supreme Court said it was wrong to stop MPs carrying out duties in the run-up to Brexit on 31 October.

There's a lot going on in politics right now but this is a big blow to the Prime Minister.

It's a difficult story to understand, so thankfully there's a handy explainer here.

A new Twitter star is born

Once you've read the serious news analysis, there's only one place to be... social media.

And whether you agree with the Supreme Court's verdict or not, a quick scroll through Twitter makes it clear that a new star is born - Lady Hale.

She's the President of the Supreme Court and was thrust into the spotlight as the judge who read out the verdict.

Who is Lady Hale?

Lady Hale made history when she became the first woman appointed as President of the Supreme Court in October 2017.

The 74-year-old held several positions in the court before becoming president. She became the first woman justice of the Supreme Court in October 2009, and was appointed deputy president in June 2013.

According to 2018 Ministry of Justice figures, just 29% of court judges are currently women.

What's Twitter saying?

Some decided to focus on her fashion game.

After a busy few days in court, others predicted she would be channelling Phoebe Waller-Bridge's post Emmy Awards mood.

This tweeter hopes Lady Hale will inspire a generation of judges.

Others promoted her to super-hero status.

And some were mesmerised by the two pairs of scissors she keeps on her desk.

Now if you don't mind we're off to look up where to buy spider brooches online.

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