Charli XCX hits out at '2019 fake wokeness'

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Charli XCX has hit out at what she calls "ridiculous and pretentious" criticism aimed at her fans online.

And she's called it an example of "2019 fake wokeness".

It's after commentators criticised some of the objects the singer's fans had asked her to sign at meet and greets.

In the last few months she's autographed the ashes of someone's dead mother and a bottle of poppers among other things.

Fans have been accused of using the singer's signature to bring them for "online clout" but she's put out a statement dismissing that.

She wrote: "I do not think my fans have been abusive towards me at meet and greets."

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In her statement she says she likes spending time with her fans and doesn't want that to stop, but warns, "if this ridiculous narrative continues I will just cancel all of them".

It started when one fan posted a photo of a bottle of poppers that Charli signed at a meet and greet. That picture was liked over 4 thousand times.

Charli tweeted to say it was "iconic".

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After that she was asked to sign a fan's mums ashes.

But other fans claimed it was "weird" and "not funny".

In Charli's statement she thanks fans for defending her but says their concerns are "unwarranted".

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Charli is touring in the UK after releasing her third album in September

Her criticism is aimed at people who have written articles about what she's been asked to sign and says she cannot stand, "2019 fake wokeness".

"These articles popping up about my meet-and-greets suggesting that fans are taking advantage/being abusive/using me for 'online clout' because of certain items that have been signed or brought along to meet-and-greets are just so ridiculous and pretentious."

She says it does more "harm" than "good" and "encourages people to attack and harass one another online".

Charli also explains she doesn't sign everything, "I don't think about the objects I sign" and she doesn't "feel obliged to sign anything".

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