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Scott Mills

The legend that is Scott Mills has announced he is leaving Radio 1 after 24 years.

He is heading to Radio 2 to take over the afternoon show from Steve Wright.

Scott joined Radio 1 back in 1998 and has pretty much seen and done it all since then - gathering an army of fans along the way.

"Time actually does fly when you're having fun, and that's certainly been the case over the past 24 years at my beloved Radio 1," he says.

"The station I pretended to be on in my bedroom from the age of six. The station I told my mum I wanted to work at, but never in a million years thought I would."

In typical Scott fashion, he even got a celeb friend to announce his departure.

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We could fill a book with Scott's best bits but, instead, here are some of his most memorable moments...

Innuendo Bingo

If you've not played it, you've definitely laughed along to the game where people spit water in each other's faces.

The wettest and messiest game on radio was taken off the air due to the Covid pandemic, but like all great things it has made a triumphant return.

Scott plays the innuendos, while Chris Stark and a celebrity guest try to keep their mouths full of water.

The feature has seen a raft of stars, including Hugh Jackman and Daniel Radcliffe, soaked over the years, and even led a sopping-wet Davina McCall to exclaim: "I'm in heaven!"

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Of course, everyone has their second-favourite Scott Mills game.

It might be the Who Game, where Scott and multiple callers take turns to list long-forgotten pop culture nuggets that make you say "WHOOO?".

And you've probably also had funny looks for laughing out loud to Granny Tinder and Brother or Lover while you've been tuned in on the bus.

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The bromance

Chris Stark, who officially joined Scott on Radio 1 in 2012, has also sadly announced he is leaving the station.

"To wake up every day over the last 10 years and get to work with one of my best friends on a show I love is a dream come true," he says.

"Radio 1 has sound-tracked the biggest ups and downs in my life, and I want to say thank you to the listeners that gave me this privilege and allowed a bang average lad from Watford to live his dream."

And let's be honest - we've all grown to love the back and forth between the pair.

It's been such a stellar bromance that even Hollywood heavyweight Jennifer Aniston got involved to help mastermind Scott prank Chris with a nightmare interview.

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Raising money with a LOL-a-thon

It's not only been about the fun and games.

Scott and Chris did a 24-hour show to raise money for Comic Relief, which ended up raising more than £500,000 in 2021.

The marathon show featured some of the biggest music and entertainment stars - including Little Mix meeting Superfan Steve, KSI revealing what he was like as a kid and even a hilarious moment when Gandalf does Garage.

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Scott's Christmas Carol

We know and love Scott for presenting The Official Chart Show and counting down dramatically through the tracks to that all-important weekly Number One.

But did you know Scott and his team set themselves a challenge to create the perfect Christmas song? One that would stand the test of time?

It's called Scott Mills & His Pigs in Blankets, and it's very much worth listening to.

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The stage shows

In 2009 Scott performed a musical based on his life at the Edinburgh Festival.

Scott Mills: The Musical came about after he was forced to deny a rumour that he'd been cast as Rick Astley in a stage play about the singer.

Some of his listeners contributed music for the show, which ran for three nights.

Scott loved the experience so much that he returned the next year to perform a one-man show, and, in 2011, he led a band of Radio 1 staff up to Edinburgh to star in the Fun and Filth Cabaret Show.

He was also joined on stage by Baywatch star and 80s icon David Hasselhoff to perform a duet of ballad Guy Love.

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Scott performed a duet with The Hoff in 2011

Head of BBC Radio 1, Aled Haydn Jones, has thanked Scott and Chris "for everything they have done for the station",

He says they "will go out with some very exciting shows in August" before Scott moves to Radio 2 in September.

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