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    Video caption: Steve Barclay and Wes Streeting on NHS strike talks

    Wes Streeting asks the health secretary why he is not negotiating with the NHS staff over a strike due later this month.

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    Video caption: 'It's sacrilege - this should simply not be happening'

    In the borough of Wokingham, some locals are angry about the idea of more homes being built in the area.

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    Video caption: 'We need more affordable homes for young people'

    Sheldon Allen, a recent graduate and Labour activist, says it's unlikely he'll be able to buy a house.

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    Video caption: Brexit uncertainty is crippling businesses - Essex farmer

    Farmers call for clarity over what government funding they will get to manage the environment.

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    Video caption: NHS Wales: Doctor staffing shortage as winter pressure hits

    Doctors are thinking about quitting because they cannot deliver the care they want, a union says.