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Party Conservative Labour Scottish National Party Liberal Democrat Democratic Unionist Party Others
Seats 318 262 35 12 10 13
Change −13 +30 −21 +4 +2 −2
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After 650 of 650 seats

Norfolk South

Parliamentary constituency


General Election 2017 results
Party Votes % Net percentage change in seats



Richard Bacon Votes 35,580 header_vote_share 58.2 Net percentage change in seats +4.0



Danielle Glavin Votes 18,902 header_vote_share 30.9 Net percentage change in seats +12.5


Liberal Democrat

Christopher Brown Votes 5,074 header_vote_share 8.3 Net percentage change in seats +0.1


Green Party

Catherine Rowett Votes 1,555 header_vote_share 2.5 Net percentage change in seats -2.9

Turnout and CON majority

CON majority




Vote share

Party %
Conservative 58.2
Labour 30.9
Liberal Democrat 8.3
Green Party 2.5

Vote share change since 2015

Liberal Democrat
Green Party

Latest updates

Changes proposed to Norfolk's constituencies

Andrew Sinclair

BBC Look East political correspondent

Plans to re-draw Norfolk's parliamentary constituencies have been published this morning.

Unlike some parts of the UK, we get off quite lightly. The proposals include reducing the number MPs from 650 to 600, but Norfolk will still have nine MPs, although the size and shape of every seat will change.

House of Commons

Most of the changes are minor but the Mid Norfolk constituency will lose Wymondham (which goes back to South Norfolk) while South West Norfolk will be renamed Thetford & Downham Market and cross the border to take in Littleport in Cambridgeshire.

Labour's Clive Lewis may have to work a little harder to hold on to his Norwich South seat which inherits Conservative-leaning Costessey and Cringleford.

His Conservative neighbour, Chloe Smith, who only has a majority of 507, might feel a little safer as Norwich North will extend into Broadland.

But these are only proposals from the Boundary Commission.

The public has one final say on the plans and then they'll need to be voted on by MPs.

Given how much else is going on at Westminster, and the fact that these plans do not have cross-party support, it is possible that they'll never get approved.

MP to chair influential committee

Andrew Sinclair

BBC Look East political correspondent

Norman Lamb has been chosen by fellow MPs to chair one of parliament's influential committees.

The Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk will oversee the science and technology committee which scrutinises government policy and holds ministers to account.

Mr Lamb said he'd ensure that the world of science isn't forgotten in the forthcoming Brexit negotiations.

Norman Lamb MP

The Conservative MP for South Norfolk, Richard Bacon, failed in his attempt to lead the treasury select committee.

Richard Bacon MP

Norfolk MPs' bid for committee chairmanships

Andrew Sinclair

BBC Look East political correspondent

Two of Norfolk's MPs want to lead influential parliamentary committees.

Richard Bacon, the MP for South Norfolk, has put himself forward to chair the House of Commons Treasury Committee, while Norman Lamb (North Norfolk) wants to lead the Science and Technology Committee.

Elections for the posts will be held among MPs next week.

Select committees have become a very influential part of parliamentary work.

They investigate topcs of concern and they have the power to call anyone as a witness.

Their reports often influence and sometimes change government policy.

'Not a good night for Theresa May', says South Norfolk MP

Richard Bacon has won the seat of South Norfolk for the Conservatives for the fifth time - polling 35,580 votes.

It hasn't been such a good night for Theresa May, with Mr Bacon saying the election hasn't been as successful as she'd hoped when she called it.

The South Norfolk MP was a key member of the Leave campaign, and Brexit negotiations will start soon. What message does it give to Europe now that Theresa May has reduced her own majority?

"It's true they might think they're in a stronger negotiating position but it doesn't follow that they are," Mr Bacon said. "I think if anything it's likely to make them more intransigent and that might lead to what people call a harder Brexit.

"But we will definitely leave the EU, there's no doubt about that."

Asked whether he thought Ms May could continue as prime minister, Mr Bacon gave the following reply:

I'm not sure about the answer to that. I think my colleagues and I are going to have a discussion over the next few days, it's not a success for Theresa May. It's not why she called the election."

Richard Bacon MPConservative, South Norfolk

Political map unchanged for Norfolk

All of Norfolk's MPs have retained their seats.

The first to call was Norfolk South, with Richard Bacon returned as Conservative MP shortly before 02:00.

Norwich North was next, with Chloe Smith winning a closely fought contest with Labour's Chris Jones.

Mid Norfolk, North West Norfolk and Great Yarmouth followed in quick succession - all Tory holds, with Labour's Clive Lewis doubling his majority to take Norwich South.

The political map of Norfolk

North Norfolk was next, with Liberal Democrat Norman Lamb winning a battle against the Conservative candidate James Wild.

At around 04:00, South West Norfolk was announced, with Elizabeth Truss retaining the seat - unfortunately she was unable to remain at the count for the results, as she'd been taken ill with a virus.

The last call of the night was Broadland - at around 05:00 Keith Simpson was re-elected as MP.

The headlines so far

We're still awaiting the result for the Broadland seat, but otherwise the political colour of Norfolk hasn't changed.

Map showing constituencys and colours

The Liberal Democrats have held on to North Norfolk, with Norman Lamb seeing his majority increase to 3,512.

Clive Lewis has been re-elected as Labour's MP for Norwich South, taking more than 60% of the share of the votes.

The other constituencies remain in Conservative hands.

It was a close win for Chloe Smith in Norwich North, taking 507 more votes than Labour.

George Freeman increased his majority and held on to the Mid Norfolk seat - with 32,828 votes. Sir Henry Bellingham held on to North West Norfolk, increasing his majority to 13,788.

Great Yarmouth saw Brandon Lewis returned as MP, with 23,901 votes.

Elizabeth Truss was re-elected as MP for South West Norfolk, but a viral infection meant she was unable to remain at the count.

South Norfolk was the first result of the evening - and it was a comfortable win for Richard Bacon. The Conservative candidate holds the seat for the fifth time, with 35,580 votes.

Richard Bacon increases his majority in South Norfolk

Richard Bacon has held the seat of South Norfolk for the fifth time, with 35,580 votes - that's an increase of nearly 5,000 from 2015.

Richard Bacon

Labour's Danielle Glavin came second, polling 18,902 votes - an increase of more than 8,000 from when she stood two years ago.

Danielle Glavin

In third place was the Liberal Democrat candidate Christopher Brown, who took 5,074 votes.

Christopher Brown

Catherine Rowett, for the Green Party, was in fourth place, with 1,555 votes. In 2015, Ms Green received 3,090 votes.

Catherine Rowett

Norfolk South: Conservative hold

Election result

BreakingConservatives hold South Norfolk

Richard Bacon holds the South Norfolk seat for the Conservatives.