Yorkshire and the Humber

Turnout 33.2%


  • CON Timothy Kirkhope
  • LAB Richard Corbett
  • LAB Linda McAvan
  • UKIP Amjad Bashir
  • UKIP Jane Collins
  • UKIP Mike Hookem

Parties shown in alphabetical order


Party Votes % MEPs change +/-
UK Independence Party Votes 403,630 Votes Percentage 31.13 (+13.70) MEPs 3 MEPs +/- +2
Labour Votes 380,189 Votes Percentage 29.32 (+10.56) MEPs 2 MEPs +/- +1
Conservative Votes 248,945 Votes Percentage 19.20 (-5.25) MEPs 1 MEPs +/- -1
Green Votes 102,282 Votes Percentage 7.89 (-0.63) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
Liberal Democrat Votes 81,108 Votes Percentage 6.25 (-6.92) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- -1
An Independence From Europe Votes 24,297 Votes Percentage 1.87 (0.00) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
British National Party Votes 20,138 Votes Percentage 1.55 (-8.24) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- -1
Yorkshire First Votes 19,017 Votes Percentage 1.47 (0.00) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
English Democrats Votes 13,288 Votes Percentage 1.02 (-1.53) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
NO2EU Votes 3,807 Votes Percentage 0.29 (-0.98) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0

Latest updates Yorkshire and the Humber (European Parliament constituency)



‘We have bus passes, but no bus’ after cuts

Campaigners said reductions in bus routes and funding had left some people "trapped in their homes".



PM: Rough sleeping 'way too high' despite fall

Figures suggest fewer people on the streets but the number is still over double that of a decade ago.



Brexit Party wins half of Yorkshire seats

The Lib Dems and Green Party both also gained a seat each in the region.

Voters treated election as a referendum

James Vincent
Political Editor BBC Look North

This was an election. But many treated it as a referendum.

The numbers will be added up by parties on either side to determine whether "the Brexit vote" is as strong in Yorkshire and Humber as it was in 2016.

But what we do know is that the Brexit Party dominated. Labour had two MEPs, it now has one. The Conservatives lost both of theirs.

The Lib Dems and the Greens will look at their first MEPs here and say that it proves remainers don’t want the two main parties.

The Brexit Party will say exactly the same about leavers.

Labour and the Conservatives have big problems telling people in Yorkshire what their Brexit plan is.

In Sheffield Labour were beaten into 4th place and they weren’t even the top choice in Doncaster, where the party was born.



Result: Brexit Party take Yorkshire and Humber trio

The Brexit Party has taken three of the six seats in Yorkshire and Humber.

They secured more than 470,000 votes, more than 250,000 more than the second-placed Labour Party who took one seat.

The Liberal Democrats and Green Party also took one seat each.


Lib Dems pip Brexit Party in York

A full result for Yorkshire and Humber is yet to be declared but so far, The Brexit Party has come out top in every area apart from York.

A full result is expected within the next 20 minutes.

There are six seats up for grabs.



'This is not a joke vote'

As Brexit dominates the work of MPs and MEPs, how seriously should voters take the European elections?



'Everything is just stretched to its limit'

People in Scarborough are concerned about hospitals and schools ahead of this year's Budget.



MMR reminder to parents following outbreaks

People across Yorkshire and the Humber are being encouraged to check they and their children have had two doses of MMR vaccine.

Since the end of 2017 more than 50 cases of measles have been reported in the region, with the majority of these linked to a previous outbreak in Leeds and an ongoing outbreak in Bradford.

Public Health England is working with local authorities and the NHS to make sure anyone in the region who needs a vaccination to protect against the virus is aware.



Mike Hookem ready to be UKIP's interim deputy leader

Yorkshire and the Humber UKIP MEP Mike Hookem says he would be happy to take on the role of interim deputy party leader.

Image copyright PA

On Saturday, Henry Bolton was sacked after members expressed their lack of faith in his ability to lead the party.

Mr Hookem says he would be happy to serve his party under the current interim leader MEP Gerard Batten and says he's a good friend of his and he'd be happy to work alongside him in any position.

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