Turnout 37.4%


  • CON Syed Kamall
  • CON Charles Tannock
  • GRN Jean Lambert
  • LAB Lucy Anderson
  • LAB Seb Dance
  • LAB Mary Honeyball
  • LAB Claude Moraes
  • UKIP Gerard Batten

Parties shown in alphabetical order


Party Votes % MEPs change +/-
Labour Votes 806,959 Votes Percentage 36.67 (+15.39) MEPs 4 MEPs +/- +2
Conservative Votes 495,639 Votes Percentage 22.52 (-4.83) MEPs 2 MEPs +/- -1
UK Independence Party Votes 371,133 Votes Percentage 16.87 (+6.10) MEPs 1 MEPs +/- 0
Green Votes 196,419 Votes Percentage 8.93 (-1.96) MEPs 1 MEPs +/- 0
Liberal Democrat Votes 148,013 Votes Percentage 6.73 (-6.99) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- -1
4 Freedoms Party (UK EPP) Votes 28,014 Votes Percentage 1.27 (0.00) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
An Independence From Europe Votes 26,675 Votes Percentage 1.21 (0.00) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
Christian Peoples Alliance Votes 23,702 Votes Percentage 1.08 (-1.85) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
National Health Action Party Votes 23,253 Votes Percentage 1.06 (0.00) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
Animal Welfare Party Votes 21,092 Votes Percentage 0.96 (0.00) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
British National Party Votes 19,246 Votes Percentage 0.87 (-4.06) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
Europeans Party Votes 10,712 Votes Percentage 0.49 (0.00) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
English Democrats Votes 10,142 Votes Percentage 0.46 (-0.94) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
Communities United Party Votes 6,951 Votes Percentage 0.32 (0.00) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
National Liberal Party Votes 6,736 Votes Percentage 0.31 (0.00) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
NO2EU Votes 3,804 Votes Percentage 0.17 (-0.84) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0
Harmony Party Votes 1,985 Votes Percentage 0.09 (0.00) MEPs 0 MEPs +/- 0

Latest updates London (European Parliament constituency)



Anderson survives scare to progress

Two-time champion Gary Anderson survives a huge scare to edge into the fourth round of the PDC World Darts Championship.

Edwards beats Rosales to win world title

Britain's Charlie Edwards wins the WBC world flyweight title from Cristofer Rosales in London.



Man found opposite Parliament dies

The homeless man was found lying unresponsive outside Westminster Underground Station.



Ambulance vandalism: Bins and scooters used in attacks

Matt Graveling
BBC South Today Oxford
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Media caption

Fireworks, wheelie bins, knives and scooters have all been used to attack ambulances and rapid response vehicles in the past three years, a BBC freedom of information request has found.

More than 200 acts of vandalism were reported between 2015 and October, some also featuring metal poles and bricks.

In the North East a patient with a metal pole caused damage that cost £3,500 to repair, while in London a microwave was thrown at an ambulance.

NHS trusts have had to pay thousands of pounds to repair damage and take ambulances off the road for repairs.

Unison has called for bigger sentences for anyone convicted of such vandalism.



Sister of rock fan who died in a mosh pit pays tribute

Ali Mills went in to cardiac arrest at a Bring Me The Horizon gig in London.



Lib Dems choose London mayoral candidate

Siobhan Benita will challenge Labour's London mayor Sadiq Khan in the 2020 election.



Arrest over screwdriver attack on police

A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after two officers were attacked in London.



The first drag queen with a solo gig at Wembley

We talk to Bianca Del Rio, as drag emerges from gay clubs to share the same space as major acts and tours.



Half of over 60s 'ignore bowel cancer screening in England'

Image copyright Southern News & Pictures
Image caption Anne was diagnosed with bowel cancer through using a home test kit

Half of people in England sent a home-testing kit for bowel cancer in 2015 did not use it, according to research in the European Journal of Cancer.

Fewer men than women returned the kits, which are designed to detect the disease before symptoms appear.

The current screening kit requires small stool samples to be posted for screening in specially sealed envelopes.

Cancer Research UK said it was very concerned by the figures.

Anne Parmenter, 63, from south London, received a bowel cancer testing kit in the post on her 60th birthday.

Read her story



'Treating it as a terrorist incident'

A man has been arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences after a car crashed outside the Houses of Parliament.
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