Massive mushrooms and zombie fungi

Giant woven willow sculptures of some of the UK's edible mushroom varieties have sprung up on the lawns at Kew Gardens in west London. Kew's experts look after the largest collection of dried fungi in the world - which also includes more sinister, inedible varieties.

Kew's fungarium is opening to the public on 13 October to mark National Fungus Day. Take a peek here with Bryn Dentinger, Kew's head of mycology - and see artist Tom Hare's larger than life creations.

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National Fungus Day is 13 October 2013. Tom Hare's sculptures can be seen at Kew until 3 November 2013.

All images subject to copyright. Sketches courtesy Tom Hare.

Music by KPM Music. Slideshow production by Paul Kerley. Publication date 11 October 2013.


Kew Gardens

Tom Hare - artist

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