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North America experiences partial eclipse

Partial eclipse Image copyright AFP
Image caption The partial eclipse seen from Mount Wilson, northeast of Los Angeles, US

Skywatchers in North America were treated to the fourth and final eclipse of the year on Thursday.

The partial solar eclipse - which occurred when a new moon hides part of the Sun - was widely visible from Canada and the US, as well as from parts of Mexico.

The event started to unfold near the Kamchatka Peninsula in far eastern Russia at around 19:37 GMT.

In the eastern US, the event occurred near sunset (local time).

Between 45% and 64% of the Sun's diameter was covered, depending on where the event was viewed from in the US.

The point of greatest eclipse occurs was 21:44 GMT in Canada's Nunavut Territory near Prince of Wales Island.

2014 had previously witnessed two solar and two lunar eclipses.

Image copyright EPA
Image caption Using the projection method for observing the eclipse in Ensenada, Mexico
Image copyright AP
Image caption A jogger runs in front of the Sun near the end of the partial solar eclipse as seen from Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City
Image copyright AP
Image caption A long lens captures a close-up of the eclipse, also seen from Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City
Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Skywatchers in San Diego, California, sensibly wore eye-protection to view the event
Image copyright AP
Image caption Fishermen in Florida try their luck as the setting Sun is eclipsed

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