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Tim Peake lands back to Earth: Your Peake moments

A selfie by Tim Peake while on board the International Space Station Image copyright ESA/NASA

British astronaut Tim Peake returns to Earth after spending 186 days at the International Space Station (ISS). BBC News readers have been picking their "Peake moments".

While in space, Major Peake worked on his backwards somersaults, dialled a wrong number and took time to educate schoolchildren. He even found time to run a virtual London Marathon.

But it was not all about fun and games in space as he conducted a series of experiments and took part in a spacewalk.

Tim Peake's cosmic exploits grabbed the attention among children and adults. Here's a selection of some of your favourite moments.

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'Her interest has been a real joy to watch'

"I have found it incredible the interest that my four-year-old daughter has taken in Tim Peake's adventures. The videos that he has produced and put on YouTube have enthralled her for the past six months - on a weekly basis," says Emma Palmer, from Essex.

"She asks me to put on clips - her favourites being when Tim does a somersault, when he shows how astronauts go to the bathroom and when he makes a cup of coffee.

"Her interest has been a real joy to watch. She is so excited about tomorrow and watching the footage of his return. We thank him for the huge amount that he has done to make children interested in space exploration."

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'Tim has been an inspiration to us'

"Tim has been an inspiration to us and our grandchildren. It awakened our terrific interest in all things to do with space and the planets," writes Pam Sexton, from Dereham in Norfolk.

"I will never forget the first time we stood in our garden and saw the ISS appear - we all waved until it disappeared. The children thought it was awesome!"

'A new and real-life super hero'

"Tim Peake has awakened the mind of so many people who may not have shown a previous interest in space, Nasa or the ISS," according to Nicky Lawson.

"The incredible photos he's incessantly shared and his devotion to using his experiences to engage children and adults alike is hugely commendable.

"In short, Tim Peake is a new and real-life super hero! Congratulations Tim, your achievements are truly inspirational!"

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'Rock star role model'

Katherine Rowlatt wrote to say her four-year-old son has been inspired by Peake's mission.

"My 4 year old has been so inspired by Tim's mission. He first discovered Tim in CBeebies Stargazing programme and has shown great interest in space and Tim from then on," she says.

"We have loved following his Facebook updates. It has enticed him to ask so many questions about space rockets, the ISS, the stars and planets and he has learnt so much.

"He has been the most inspirational 'reality star' we could have hoped for and it's fantastic for kids to have such a rock star role model from a scientific background."

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