Babies videobomb BBC interview

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There was an unexpected distraction during a live interview on BBC News

Anyone with toddlers will sympathise with this experience.

Two children videobombed their father's live interview on BBC News on Friday morning.

Professor Robert Kelly was speaking to BBC News about the political crisis in South Korea when there was an unexpected interruption from his children who were keen to share the spotlight.

As Professor Kelly described the region's geopolitics, a little girl in a yellow jumper opened the door and sauntered into his office.

She made herself comfortable next to her dad, as he valiantly continued his analysis.

BBC Presenter James Menendez, apparently tickled by the new guest, said "I think one of your children has just walked in".

Several seconds later a baby - who seems commendably independent - makes her way into the room in a baby walker.

Very keen to offer her view, she settles next to her dad at the desk.

The girls' mum eventually rescued the girls from their live broadcast, and Professor Kelly, who smiled and maintained his composure throughout, completed his interview about the ousting of South Korea's President Park Geun-Hye.

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Many social media users have sympathy with Professor Kelly.

Beth Ortega said what many parents are thinking - "we laugh with you, mum and dad, because we've all been there in one way or another".

Chris said 'the baby cruising in had me in tears laughing'.

A video of the interruption posted on one account was retweeted 18 thousand times in the first couple of hours.