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April the giraffe: Zoo babies since her livestream started

Millions of people have been watching and waiting online for more than six weeks for a giraffe at a US zoo in New York state to give birth.

Tune in to the April the Giraffe livestream and all you'll see is a giraffe in an enclosure - yet she's been captivating people worldwide.

It is not clear exactly when April's waters will break.

In the meantime, feast your eyes on some of the animals born in zoos since April's livestream started.

Spoiler alert: One of them is a giraffe.

Image copyright HANDOUT

Born: 7 March

Species: Rhinoceros

Zoo: Amneville, France

Image copyright Schoenbrunn Zoo

Born: 18 March

Species: Ring-tailed lemur

Zoo: Schoenbrunn, Austria

April the giraffe's popularity has gone far beyond anything anticipated even by the staff at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville.

They have been so overwhelmed with questions they have had to ask people to stop emailing in.

But they have capitalised on the excitement of the surely-soon-to-happen birth by releasing merchandise and a paid-for text alert system.

Image copyright EPA

Born: 19 March

Species: Elephant

Zoo: Cologne, Germany

Image copyright EPA

Born: 21 March

Species: White tiger quadruplets

Zoo: Borysew, Poland

Image copyright AFP

Born: 25 March

Species: Orangutan

Zoo: Leipzig, Germany

Image copyright EPA

Born: 25 March

Species: Elephant

Zoo: Amersfoort, the Netherlands

Image copyright PA

Born: 27 March

Species: Bornean orangutan

Zoo: Twycross, England

Image copyright Chester Zoo

Born: 2 April

Species: Bornean orangutan

Zoo: Chester, England

Image copyright Chester Zoo

Born: 3 April

Species: Rothschild's giraffe

Zoo: Chester, England

We hope you enjoyed these pictures and wish all the best to April when labour finally kicks in. If you'd like to see more baby animals, try these stories:

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