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'Collaborative approach' taken between government and care homes

Nicola Sturgeon

Chris Musson from The Scottish Sun asks about deaths in care homes.

He says the Balhousie Care Group have accused the Scottish government of "adopting a clear policy to deflect from their own mismanagement of the pandemic's impact on care homes by turning the focus on home managers and owners". What does the first minister think of this?

Nicola Sturgeon says she "emphatically disagrees", adding that she sees it as a collaborative approach between care home providers, the Scottish government and other partners.

"I have never tried to point the finger or say that one partner in any of that is in any way responsible exclusively", she adds.

BreakingOne death from Covid-19 registered in last 24 hours

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirms 15,418 people have now tested positive for Covid-19, an increase of 18 from yesterday.

1,046 patients are in hospital with a suspected or confirmed case (down 27), with 27 patients being treated in intensive care (no change from yesterday).

3,695 people have been discharged from hospital after receiving treatment for the virus since 5 March.

A further one person who tested positive has died, taking the total to 2,363 deaths in Scotland by that measure. She says this figure should be "treated with caution", given death registration tends to be lower on Sundays.

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