Apple versus Samsung: Jury foreman justifies $1bn verdict

By Leo Kelion
Technology reporter

image captionThe judge in the case could still treble the amount of damages Samsung has to pay because the jury said the infringements were "wilful"

The verdict in the recent Apple-Samsung patent trial in the US has sent shockwaves through the tech industry.

The jury ruled that Apple be awarded $1.05bn (£665m) after its South Korean rival infringed several of its software technologies and designs

Samsung's own claims of patent breaches were rejected.

The decisions have been picked over at length by both the media and public. Questions have been asked: Did the jury spend enough time considering the facts? Was a Californian jury inherently biased? And, based on the evidence, was the verdict wrong?

Velvin Hogan was the foreman in the jury. He is chief technology officer at Multicast Labs, which develops video technology for the web, and was familiar with the US patent system before the trial.

image captionVelvin Hogan said his familiarity with the US patent system helped the jury reach its verdict so quickly

He spoke to the BBC to address concerns he had about some of the reports, and asked that it be known that he had not been paid for this or any other interview.

What follows is an edited version of the conversation. A full transcript is also available:

image captionThe jury deliberated for 21 hours before reaching its verdict
image captionApple presented this chart as evidence that Samsung had changed its approach after the iPhone had been unveiled
image captionSamsung used this image to suggest there had not been a sudden change in direction after the iPhone
image captionThe jury rejected Apple's claim that the shape of its iPad had been infringed by Samsung
image captionA hearing has been scheduled for December to consider Apple's demand that eight phones be banned from sale

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