Film directors launch campaign for correct TV settings

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AVForums still
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AVForums has released some comparison images to show how different TV settings can make a difference

A campaign backed by moviemakers has been launched to make sure films are watched "as the director intended".

The plea comes in response to a poll which found more than half of consumers do not use the most suitable settings on their equipment.

One expert said poorly set-up TVs made images look "more like a soap opera rather than a Hollywood movie".

Website AVForums has published a series of instructional videos to help people tune their sets.

Two leading British film directors, Michael J Bassett and Neil Marshall, have supported the campaign.

"As a film-maker it's very important to me that TVs are set up properly so viewers can watch my movies in the way they are intended to be seen," said Mr Marshall, who is best known for films such as The Descent and Dog Soldiers.

'Shop conditions'

Several TV manufacturers have endorsed the campaign, including the likes of Panasonic, Sony, LG, Sharp, Loewe and Toshiba.

Retailers Argos and Richer Sounds have also backed the efforts.

"The default settings of most TVs are optimised for shop conditions and not for viewing content at home," explained Phil Hinton, editor of AVForums.

"These settings could compromise picture detail and colour - undermining the work of movie and programme directors."

In addition to the viewing benefits, imaging specialists THX said using the right settings could also save energy.

"The findings of a THX test indicates that setting up your TV with a picture mode such as Movie, Cinema or THX, uses less energy than your TV's Vivid or Dynamic mode."