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    Video caption: Video games create 'safe space' for people with disabilities

    One health organisation approves a series of digital games to help children with anxiety.

  2. 35. The Riddle

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    Video caption: Matthew Syed unravels a riddle set in the future, to consider the importance of legacy.

    In 2113, a riddle will be solved under the Eiffel Tower. Matthew Syed tells the story of a video game puzzle that’s yet to be solved, as he considers the role of legacy.

  3. Experimental writing

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    Video caption: Shahidha Bari, Matthew Herbert, the Goldsmith Prize winners and poet Stephen Sexton

    With the 2022 winners of the Goldsmiths Prize announced, Shahidha Bari and guests reflect on what it means to push boundaries and be experimental.

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    Video caption: Top-flight eSports racing gives autistic group confidence

    Neurodiverse racers put on the right track at McLaren eSports HQ

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    Video caption: Gaming in Africa: Developers making mobile games for African players

    The growth of the video gaming market is an opportunity for African developers to create games for the African audience.

  6. The Imperial War Museum Remembrance Discussion 2022

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    Video caption: How video games interpret stories about war and conflict and help to train troops.

    How video games interpret stories about war and conflict, help train soldiers and simulate battles is the topic for this year's discussion about how we explore the history of war.

  7. We See Monsters!

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    Video caption: There's the science behind art in Weston-super-Mare, and is gaming good for youngsters?

    There's the science behind art in Weston-super-Mare, the bees shocking scientists studying electricity generated by their buzzing, and is gaming good for youngsters? Find out here

  8. New Thinking: Beowulf

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    Video caption: Short: How studying grammar and computer games can explain Old English poetry

    Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough finds out how the latest research in linguistic databases and games software is shedding light on the Anglo Saxon poem.

  9. Roblox: A Dangerous Game?

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    Video caption: Is the gaming platform Roblox doing enough to stop children being exploited and groomed?

    Roblox, the US gaming platform is the most popular game played by British children. Hayley Hassall investigates whether enough is being done to prevent exploitation and grooming.