Raspberry Pi used to cook raspberry pie

Close-up of Raspberry Pi Model A
Image caption A Raspberry Pi computer has been used to bake a raspberry pie

A raspberry pie has been cooked using the low-cost Raspberry Pi mini-computer.

The device, which can automatically cook ready meals, was used to set the pie's microwave oven cooking times.

The appliance ran the baking programme, and used Twitter to update followers, tweeting: "Just heated up some Raspberry Pie filling!"

Developer Nathan Broadbent has modified his microwave, using a Raspberry Pi to provide an internet interface.

The concept of connecting household appliances and other objects up to the internet is known as the "internet of things", the next major frontier of the connected world.

The oven has been hooked up to a barcode reader, to scan ready-meal barcodes, and control cooking times based on individual product data.

Voice activated

The microwave can respond to voice commands, and can be controlled from a phone or computer, developer Nathan Broadbent wrote in a blog post.

The New Zealander was inspired to hack into his microwave after reading a post on Reddit about using matrix barcodes to instruct microwave ovens.

The developer decided to use conventional barcodes to control cooking times. He created an online product database to hold baking instructions linked to individual barcodes.

The developer disassembled his microwave, redesigned the touchpad, and refitted circuit boards to include the Raspberry Pi.

The £20 mini-computer is able to run software that listens for touchpad presses, controls the microwave, and accept commands received via the internet.

One of the programmes running on the Raspberry Pi listens to the barcode scanner, requests information from the database, and runs cooking applications.

But the voice command function will not be used very often, Mr Broadbent said in his blog.

"It turns out that the acoustics of my kitchen seem to mess up the recognition," he wrote.

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