Live radio - through Google Glass

Rory and guests

Phew - we've just come off air after our weekly World Service radio programme Tech Tent, and I think we may have just achieved a world first. I wrote earlier this week about my experience with Google Glass, and that we were puzzling about how we might stream live video from the device.

Then, a couple of days ago a company called Livestream announced that it had launched an app for Glass which would allow anyone to do just that - stream a live view of what someone wearing the device was seeing.

So I downloaded the software, installed it - and set up a live event for Friday's Tech Tent. At 15:00 BST, I tapped a couple of times on the side of the glasses, and in the screen above my right eye I could see that we were streaming live. Then during the programme I was able to see live comments from the few people who'd found the link and were watching. You can see the entire stream.

Now anyone who sat through this historic TV broadcast of a radio programme might have felt slightly seasick. Because you see everything through my eyes the camera lurches from guest to guest - we had Leo Kelion and Dougal Shaw from the tech team in the tent, and our special guest was the computer scientist Dr Sue Black.

The sound isn't great either - you can hear me, but obviously nothing that's on tape and the guests are almost inaudible. But what you do get is a behind-the-scenes look at what it is like to present a live radio programme. So this would need a bit of work before it became really useful - but we are just relieved that a live technology demo worked for once. Now I need to go and lie down.