BlackBerry launches low-cost phone for Indonesia

BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta Edition Image copyright BlackBerry
Image caption The firm is looking to tap into a new segment of customers with the low-cost phone

BlackBerry has launched a new low-cost phone "exclusively for Indonesia", one of the few markets where it is still a key player.

The BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition will go on sale from 15 May for 2,199,000 Indonesia rupiah ($191; £113).

It the first phone to be launched under new chief executive John Chen.

Once a dominant player in the sector, BlackBerry has struggled in recent years amid increased competition from rivals such as Apple and Samsung.

However, it has continued to enjoy success in Indonesia, making the country a key market for the firm.

"From conception to delivery, the BlackBerry Z3, Jakarta Edition was designed specifically with our Indonesian customers in mind," Mr Chen said in a statement.

According to the firm, the phone - which was first announced in February - also comes customised with local apps and content.

The latest phone is also the first one to be launched after the firm agreed a five-year deal with Foxconn, the Taiwan-based maker of electronic products and components.

In February, Blackberry reported a net loss of $5.9bn (£3.5bn) for its latest financial year.

However, it recorded a smaller-than-expected loss of $423m in the three months to 1 March, compared with a loss of $4.4bn in the previous quarter.

Mr Chen, who took charge of the struggling firm late last year, has said the firm was on "a path to returning to growth and profitability".

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