CES 2015: World's biggest tech show in pictures

VR headset Image copyright AP
Image caption Virtual reality was big at CES last year and 2015 has seen the headsets shrink and the displays improve. Here a visitor tries out the Samsung Gear VR system.

Once the formalities of the press previews and warm-up events are out of the way, CES 2015 finally kicks into life when the show floor opens up.

Las Vegas is no stranger to huge conferences, but CES is in its own league: an estimated 160,000 attendees will turn up, keen to see the 50,000+ exhibitors on show.

It's impossible to see everything, but our reporter Leo Kelion slipped on his most comfortable shoes in an attempt to capture as much of the action as possible - you can follow him on Twitter @LeoKelion.

To get a flavour of the rest of the show, we've included some of the best shots from some other sources too.

Image caption This booth was full of people keen to get their teeth whitened while at the show
Image caption 3D printing companies are at CES in abundance. This unsettling head was on view at the Mcor stand which uses 3D printers to make realistic facsimiles of people and other objects out of paper
Image caption Some of the 3D printing projects did not have any immediately obvious purpose
Image caption Health and well-being is a major sector of new tech - this headset is designed to reduce stress
Image caption Some jobs were easier than others for the employees showing off new gear
Image copyright AP
Image caption Car-makers showed what the future might be like when we're being driven around by our vehicles
Image copyright AP
Image caption Those connected cars are going to need a way to communicate - Hyundai let show goers try out a smart watch that let them control a vehicle with a tap on a tiny touchscreen
Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Of course, CES would not be CES without a few strange sights. Such as these giant headphones

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