Windows 10: You score the operating system


Windows, the world's most used operating system, has launched its newest version.

The operating system has been described by Microsoft's chief executive, Satya Nadella as a "Windows as a service" with improvements to be rolled out as they become available, rather than working towards a specific upgrade at a future date.

We asked you to give Windows 10 a mark out of 10 (10 being the best). Here are some of your marks.

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image captionPete tweeted: "It's awesome. It's very responsive, nice layout and user friendly. Much better than 8.1"

@Brythegr8 said: Much better than 8, 8/10

@MJZ2112 hasn't had a good experience: 0. It's unusable thus far. Have to constantly reboot.

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@rigaritax, and @mr_light8 both gave the system an 8 out of 10, while top marks came from @AaranBhambra.

@wilberstar made the following comparison: 10.. It's like apple

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Some of you had a few teething problems with @LucasVDBartlett tweeting: can't even download it so not good so far.

While others decided not to even try, here's what @captain_clegg_1 tweeted: I'm not sure it will run on my 6 year old PC so I'm staying with windows 7 that does!

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And @HaidemenosL has an alternative view: Mac OS X is still faster and better. Nice try but no cigar.

@richardshank786: I've used it for almost a week being it was released under v10240. It's bland and no different than 8.1 but honed... Staying with Windows 7 for the sole reason it has Aero Glass and runs my older programs.

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