Drone leaflet drop urges agents to quit

Drone dropping leaflets Image copyright Intelexit
Image caption The drone dropped a series of leaflets, urging agents to leave their jobs

A drone has dropped leaflets on the Dagger Complex US military base near Frankfurt, urging its 1,100 National Security Agency employees to quit.

The group responsible, Intelexit, said it aimed to raise awareness among those working to support mass surveillance programs and drone warfare.

The base houses the NSA's European Cryptologic Center, believed to be its main analysis centre in Germany.

The NSA says it works within the framework of the law at all times.

Intelexit spokesman Sascha Fugel said: "We know that there are employees of the Dagger Complex who are experiencing great moral conflict because of their tacit involvement in spying."

Last week, Intelexit drove mobile billboards past intelligence agency offices in the US, carrying messages such as: "Listen to your heart, not to private phone calls."

The group, set up at the end of September to "offer support" to disillusioned members of the secret services, told the BBC it had already received contact from several agents within intelligence agencies, asking for help.

An informant at the Dagger Complex had revealed employees had been blocked from accessing Intelexit's website shortly after the drone drop, it added.

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