SKT1 crowned League of Legends world champions

League of Legends final Image copyright EPA
Image caption The final was played in Berlin in front of 15,000 fans

South Korean team SKT1 have been crowned the 2015 world champions for the League of Legends (LoL) video game.

The winning team shared a prize pool of $1m (£650,000) between them.

The team beat another from South Korea, called Koo Tigers, to take the title in the final, which took place in Berlin in front of 15,000 fans.

SKT1 won the final 3-1 but Koo was the only team they faced throughout the competition that managed to take a game off them.

"We've faced Koo many times in the past and obviously have a good track record with them," said SKT1 player Gyeong-hwan Jang in a post-match interview.

"We noticed that Koo didn't really change that much over the past year and we thought that it would be the same this time around - and it was," he said.

Mr Jang aka Marin was named as SKT1's most-valued player for his vital role in helping his team win their second title, although only two players from the 2013 triumph are still with the team.

Writing on the Rock, Paper Shotgun games news website, Philippa Warr said that SKT1 had a "phenomenal" run during the tournament but Koo Tigers provided stiff competition in the final.

However, she said, Koo's undoing was SKT1's relentless pressure across the game map that forced the Tigers to make mistakes in key stages.

League of Legends involves teams attempting to destroy each others' bases on a small game map while defending their own. Players control any one of 100 champions, including demon toads, golems, robots, gunmen and wizards, that are equipped with a wide variety of attacks and defences.

Since it was released in late 2009, LoL has become hugely popular. Statistics from Riot Games, which makes LoL, said more than 67 million people play the game every month.

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