North Korea 'Netflix' device unveiled

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A set-top box offering video-on-demand services has been unveiled by the state broadcaster KCTV in North Korea, according to local reports.

The box, called Manbang, has been dubbed the country's version of Netflix in some reports.

It connects to the state-controlled intranet and is said to enable viewers to search for and replay documentaries and watch five TV channels.

KCTV said consumer demand for the device was high.

However experts say that most North Koreans have no connectivity.

"If a viewer wants to watch, for instance, an animal movie and sends a request to the equipment, it will show the relevant video to the viewer…this is two-way communications," said Kim Jong Min, head of the centre in charge of providing information and technology, according to NK News.

The news site also reports that the on-demand content includes English and Russian language learning material.

In May security researcher Doug Madory discovered a social network - resembling a crude clone of Facebook - on a North Korean internet address.

It was not online for very long, especially once people started setting up spoof profiles, including one of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

"I don't believe it was intended to be accessible from outside North Korea," Mr Madory told the BBC.

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