Porn site showed men 'tricked into gay sex'

Bryan DeneumostierImage source, Miami-Dade Police

A man accused of dressing as a woman to trick men into having sex with him, and uploading videos of them to the internet, has pleaded not guilty.

Bryan Deneumostier, from Florida, had uploaded "non-consensual recordings" to a pornography site called StraightBoyz, the US Department of Justice alleged.

The website offered its subscribers videos of "real straight men" in sexual situations with other men.

Prosecutors said Mr Deneumostier would be detained until the end of the trial.

According to the Miami Herald, several victims had come forward with allegations.

It said Mr Deneumostier had posed as a heterosexual woman on sites such as Craigslist in order to lure men to his house.

He then "allegedly recorded his sexual encounters with them, and then caused these videos to be posted on one or more websites" without their consent, according to the US Department of Justice.

More than 500 videos were posted to the StraightBoyz website over a period of four years. It is now offline.

Internet searches for the username he is accused of using on Craigslist reveal social media accounts identifying as "a sexy cross dresser girl" from Miami, Florida.

Many of the men in the videos were blindfolded or wearing dark goggles while another man performed sex acts on them.

Mr Deneumostier faces five charges - two of which the Department of Justice described as "surreptitious-recording charges".

He is also accused of three "record-keeping violations" because he failed to "ascertain the performers' identification or age, as required by federal law", according to the Department of Justice.

Separately, Mr Deneumostier has also been charged with unlawful sex with a minor.