HIV & Aids

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    Video caption: World Aids Day: 'I saw my partner and friends die of the disease'

    Dr Rupert Whitaker lived through the Aids epidemic in London in the 1980s.

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    Video caption: HIV: 'It took nearly four years to reveal my diagnosis to people'

    Marlon Van Der Mark says it is "heart-breaking" to see the stigma around HIV "so alive".

  3. How did a woman's body rid itself of HIV?

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    Video caption: A woman from Argentina appears to have rid herself of HIV without drugs or treatment

    A woman from Argentina appears to have rid herself of HIV without drugs or treatment - the second documented case of its kind in the world.

  4. Gareth Thomas: HIV and Me

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    Video caption: An emotional Gareth Thomas reveals for the first time that he is living with HIV.

    Gareth Thomas lifts the lid on living with HIV in a hard-hitting documentary. He seeks to come to terms with his condition, and tackles the stigmas, myths and misunderstandings surrounding HIV.

  5. South Sudan to circumcise 1.5m men in HIV campaign

    Nichola Mandil


    A project to circumcise 1.5 million South Sudanese men aged from 15 to 49 has been launched in the country in order to reduce the prevalence of HIV.

    Research has shown that circumcised men are at a much lower risk of contracting HIV than uncircumcised men when having heterosexual sex with someone who is HIV-positive.

    The NGO Human Appeal Associates, in partnership with the health ministry, will be looking for volunteers over the next five years.

    Circumcision is only practiced in three of the country's 10 regional states, outside of those areas it is a taboo subject.

    The government has described the low circumcision rates as a major public health concern when it comes to dealing with HIV.

    “The demand for circumcision in the capital, Juba, alone is very, very high," Robert Matthew Uku, from Human Appeal Associates, told the BBC.

    "Nearly 100 males - including 25 adults - were circumcised over the weekend."

    About 2.3% of 15-49 year olds in South Sudan are thought to be HIV-positive, UNAids says.