Salon opens 'safe space' for breastfeeding mums in Dereham
The owner offers a place for mums to feed their babies as her sister felt "uncomfortable" doing it in public.

My husband didn't like me breastfeeding in public

When your partner thinks breast is best, but not in front of friends
First-time mum Spha Mdlalose says she didn't feel awkward about breastfeeding in public in South Africa, unless her husband was with her.

(Image: Breastfeeding baby on mum's chest. Credit: Getty Images)

Why I quit breastfeeding

One mum's desperation to succeed against the odds drove her to exhaustion, and formula.
Stacia Fleegal desperately wanted to breastfeed her son, Jackson, but a very premature delivery meant she had to start by expressing her milk instead. 

She was hooked up to a breast pump before she had even seen him for the first time, and carried on pumping when he came home from hospital two months later. 

She did manage to breastfeed naturally, but the experience was nothing like the one she'd hoped for and, as she tells Manuela Saragosa, exhaustion soon overcome her.

(Image: Stacia Fleegal and her son, Jackson. Credit: Stacia Fleegal)
Jasmin Paris has broken the course record by more than 12 hours.
Jasmin Paris broke the course record by more than 12 hours, expressing milk at race check points.
Ghana's e-waste dumpsite: Pollution 'could get into breast milk'
A recent study suggests e-waste pollution could contaminate women's breast milk in some parts of Ghana.
Breastfeeding and formula feeding mums share advice
From breastfeeding to formula, five mums tell us how they found their way - and shunned mum shaming,