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Couple’s ‘claustrophobic’ Lockdown in a van abroad

Jasmine Ketibuah-Foley

Digital Journalist

Image of Andrew Pilkington's music set up in the live-in van
Andrew Pilkington
Mr Pilkington has been making music to pass the time whilst in lockdown in his van

Bristol musician, Andrew Pilkington said the whole experience has been “strange and hard” especially after breaking down so many times looking for a place to stay and being short on gas and water.

He also described the journey to find a place to stay as “panicky” and “anxiety-inducing”.

They had previously driven the length of the Algarve in Portugal to find a place to park up and had travelled from Gibraltar to Portugal by land when they heard Morroco had closed its borders.

The couple has parked up in an undisclosed location and have a toilet they can use with access to running water.

The couple intend to drive back home when the lockdown rules are lifted across Europe

The Foreign Office is advising people stuck abroad in motorhomes and vehicles on their options for getting home if they wish to return.

Image of Morocco from Gibraltar
Andrew Pilkington
Mr Pilkington intended to travel to Morocco by land but had to turn back from Gibraltar when Morocco closed its borders