1. NYPD: Biggest Gang in New York?

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    Video caption: Documentary examining police brutality in the USA, focusing on its largest force, the NYPD

    Documentary following the 'cop watchers' of New York, who use their phones and cameras to monitor the police, film arrests and expose alleged brutality.

  2. The Trial of Derek Chauvin

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    Video caption: Nada Tawfik reports on the outcome of the trail of Derek Chauvin.

    After weeks of closely watched testimony, the jury has reached a verdict on the former police officer charged with killing George Floyd. Nada Tawfik reports on the outcome.

  3. Drugs, Cops and Lockdown

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    Video caption: Panorama follows Kent police as they tackle ‘county lines’ drug dealing.

    Panorama follows Kent police as they try to disrupt the ‘county lines’ that transport millions of pounds of drugs from London to towns across their county.

  4. Do Black Lives Matter in Brazil?

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    Video caption: Ligia Guimaraes meets families fighting for justice in Brazil.

    In the first half of 2020, more people were killed by the police in Rio de Janeiro state than in the whole of the USA. 75% were black Brazilians, many of whom were just teenagers.