'I never thought a school shooting would happen to me'

Sasha hid in a gym closet when a shooting happened at his Colorado school
When a shooting happened at the STEM School Highlands Ranch in Colorado on the 7th May, 11-year-old Sasha hid in a gym closet with some of his classmates, they all escaped.

One student in the school was killed and seven others were injured, just 8km from Columbine High - the site of one of America's most notorious school shootings 20 years ago.

Sasha explains how even at 11, he had a plan of what to do when a shooting happened.

(Photo: Sasha Weiden. Credit: David Weiden)
Kendrick Castillo: School shooting victim 'died a legend'
Kendrick Castillo died after lunging at one of the shooters at his high school in Colorado.

Why Denver decriminalised magic mushrooms

The city voted on it in a referendum, and is the first place in the US to do so
The US city of Denver held a public vote on whether to decriminalise the use of magic mushrooms. The decision passed with a slim majority of 50.6% - and it's now the first city in the US where you can use the drug without being punished. Cindy Sovine is part of Decriminalize Denver group who campaigned for the change.

(Photo: Freshly picked magic mushrooms. Credit: Getty Images)
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