Philip Hammond


Philip Hammond

Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, has this to say about the GDP figures:

“Today’s figures show the economy remains robust, with growth of 0.5% in Q1 benefitting every major sector.

“The economy has grown for nine consecutive years, debt is falling, employment is at a record high and wages are rising at their fastest pace in over a decade.

“We’re investing at records levels in our infrastructure and skills to boost productivity and wages, which will ensure that Britain is well-placed to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Chancellor Philip Hammond discusses Brexit at the IMF/World Bank spring meetings
Philip Hammond told the BBC that getting a deal done soon would release the "bandwidth" needed to take key economic decisions facing the country.

'We will move on'

BBC News

Philip Hammond

BBC's economics correspondent Dharshini David has interviewed chancellor Philip Hammond, who is in Washington DC for the IMF and World Bank Spring meetings.

Top on everyone's minds is Brexit, of course.

Mr Hammond said that the Labour Party agrees with the government that Brexit must be delivered, and that free movement must end.

"I would reject that characterisation [of Brexit being a national humiliation]. This has been an incredibly complex negotiation. The challenge for us is that there are a wide range of different views within British society, within Parliament, within our own part and within the Labour Party," he told the BBC.

"It's an exercise about building a coalition in our party, within Parliament, within the country, around a solution that puts this behind us.

"I'm confident we will do that, and although I'm sure it seems incredible right now, in a year's time, when this is behind us...all this will be forgotten, we will move on, and Britain will have a bright future."