Schedule (Thursday 16th May 2019, 8.30am-5pm BST)

Access All Areas: BBC Accessibility Awareness Day 16th May 2019 @BBCa11y

8:30am - Networking breakfast in London and Salford

10:00am - LIVE broadcast begins

  • Intro and welcome - Clare Sumner, Director of Policy
  • Keynote - Allan MacKillop, Diversity and Inclusion Disability Lead
  • ‘Neurodiverse Workplace Design’ - Sean Gilroy

11:00-11:20am - Break (videos)

  • ‘BBC Access Services’ - Richard Kurzik
  • ‘Exploring Barriers in VR’ - Jamie Knight + Lion
  • PANEL: Behind the camera with Paul Bepey

12:40-1:40pm - Lunch, exhibitors and networking (videos)

  • ‘How Big Should Subtitles Be?’ - Nigel Megitt and Edmund White
  • 'Be My Guest: Inclusive design with a little help from my friends' - Henny Swan

2:40-3:10pm - Break (videos)

  • ‘Genie: Accessible games for everyone’ - Graham Densham
  • ‘Accessibility of Spoken Interfaces’ - Leonie Watson
  • PANEL: In front of the camera with Gareth Ford Williams and DANC

4:30pm - Live broadcast concludes

4:30pm - Networking in London and Salford


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