Cosmetic surgery

Would you get cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic procedures are more and more common these days.
Self-injecting fillers 'a slippery slope'
A campaign to highlight the dangers of cosmetic procedures is to be launched shortly by the government in England.

Scrotox: Injecting botox to the scrotum

The injections can make the skin around the testicles look smoother, bigger, or hang lower
Men are getting botox injections to the skin around the testicles. Although it is sometimes done for medical or athletic reasons, men are also getting it for cosmetic purposes. Dr Alex James has carried out scrotox injections at his clinic and still gets requests for the procedure. He says it can make the scrotum look smoother, bigger and hang lower.

(Photo: A hypodermic needle tip entering someone's skin Credit: STEVE HORRELL/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY)