Anne Frank

Anne Frank remembered

Tragic child diarist, Anne Frank, is remembered on what would have been her 90th birthday
Anne Frank wrote a diary while hiding with her family from the Nazis in Amsterdam during World War II. It was published after the war and turned her into one of the most well-known victims of the Holocaust. To mark what would have been her 90th birthday, the Anne Frank Trust is raising funds to help teach children about the dangers of prejudice. The British artist Fiona Graham-Mackay lived through part of the Biafran war while living in Nigeria at an age similar to Anne was while hiding from the Nazis. Fiona has been commissioned to paint a picture of what Anne Frank might look like now if she had survived the Holocaust.

(Pic: Anne Frank as a teenager and as a 90-year-old, had she survived; Credit: Fiona Graham-Mackay)
Watch Anne Frank: A Life in Hiding - A Newsround special
Today is Holocaust Memorial Day. Learn more about the famous story of the young girl forced to go into hiding from the Nazis during the Holocaust.
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The world heard the story of Anne Frank, a young girl who lived during the Holocaust, after her father published her diary and it became one of the most famous books in the world. Here, we remember this and other books that have left their mark on history.

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