Fox hunting

Fox cruelty: Hunt pair guilty after secret filming
Paul Oliver and Hannah Rose were convicted of animal cruelty after throwing live foxes to hunting dogs.

No charges over second fox's death

Nobody is to face criminal charges over the death of a fox that died during the last hunt season, police have said.


It's the second time in three weeks that Cheshire Police has said there's not enough evidence to prove deliberate and intentional hunting under the 2004 Hunting Act.

This latest case relates to the death of a fox in Wrenbury, near Nantwich, in December.

Cheshire Police has been under pressure in recent months to take tougher action against fox hunts with protesters claiming the force is failing to crack down on illegal hunting.

Officers said they were committed to fully investigate all allegations of law-breaking but it remains the case that the force has never successfully prosecuted anyone for illegal hunting.