1. Rebel Wilson - "I know what it's like to be invisible"

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    Video caption: Hollywood actress, Rebel Wilson, on how personal struggles drove her to lose weight.

    Actress, producer and director, Rebel Wilson, speaks about her decision to lose weight during the pandemic, being the "funny fat girl" in Hollywood and her fertility struggles.

  2. Eggs On Ice

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    Video caption: Sheryl froze her eggs three years ago and now wants to have a baby.

    Following three young women at different stages of freezing their eggs, and the very emotional story of Sheryl, who froze her eggs three years ago, and now wants to have a baby.

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    Video caption: Secondary infertility: Not being able to give birth a second time

    One woman has spoken of the “guilt” and “frustration” of being unable to have a second child.

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    Video caption: LGBT fertility policy: Influencers say guidelines place 'unfair financial burden' on them

    Influencers Megan and Whitney Bacon-Evans say rules place "unfair financial burden" on LGBTQ+ people.

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    Video caption: The women fighting infertility stigma in Nigeria

    Three Nigerian women confront the prejudice they have faced on their fertility journeys.

  6. The Truth About My Conception

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    Video caption: Across America, DNA testing is uncovering a disturbing side to the fertility industry.

    Across America, DNA testing is uncovering a disturbing side to the largely unregulated fertility industry. Angelica Casas reports.

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    Video caption: Czech women seek compensation for coerced sterilisations

    Thousands of women were sterilised without their consent in former Czechoslovakia in the 1970s and 1980s.