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    Video caption: US election: How other incumbents left the White House after losing

    Donald Trump joins a small group of US presidents who lost the election while in office.

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    Video caption: Million MAGA March: Supporters explain why they're still backing Trump

    Thousands of pro-Trump protesters marched in Washington DC to support President Trump.

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    Video caption: President Trump: 'Who knows which administration it will be'

    The US president speaks publicly for the first time since the election was called for Joe Biden.

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    Video caption: 'Will you accept the results of this election?'

    Trump supporters spoke to the BBC's Jane O'Brien in Washington DC.

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    Video caption: US election: Biden supporters' messages to Trump voters

    Supporters of US President-elect Joe Biden give their message to people who voted for Donald Trump.

  6. On tense election night, protesters take to the streets

    Men gesture as protesters gather at Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House in Washington
    Image caption: Scuffles were seen at protests in Washington DC on election night

    As night fell on election day, with polls closing and votes being tallied, protests against President Trump were held on the streets of Washington DC, leading to tense scenes.

    Hundreds marched through parts of the Capitol, sometimes blocking traffic and setting off fireworks. Some chanted: “If we don’t get no justice, they don’t get no peace!”

    The demonstrations were largely peaceful, but there were reports of skirmishes and confrontations outside the White House. Three people were arrested after scuffles, NBC Washington reported.

    CBS News reporter Christina Ruffini tweeted that "some sort of smoke bomb" appeared to have been used.

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    Elsewhere, there were reports of scattered protests in Los Angeles, California; Raleigh, North Carolina; Portland, Oregon and New York City.

    Ahead of the election, hundreds of businesses in cities across the US boarded up their doors and windows, fearing unrest over the result.

    A group of protesters march in Washington
  7. Trump declares 'phenomenal' results

    Donald Trump speaks at the White House

    Trump has taken the podium in the White House's East Room.

    He starts by thanking his family, and the millions of supporters who turned out for him tonight.

    "We were getting ready for a big celebration," he says. "We were winning everything."

    Taking a triumphant tone, Trump celebrates his big win of the night in Florida.

    "We didn't win it, we won it by a lot," he says.

    He also claims a lead in Pennsylvania - just like rival Joe Biden did earlier on election night. It is still too early to determine a winner in the state.

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    Video caption: Kamala Harris asks Amy Coney Barrett: 'Do you believe climate change is happening?'

    Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett is questioned by Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris.

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    Video caption: Amy Coney Barrett dodges Klobuchar question on voter intimidation law

    The US Supreme Court nominee says she "can't characterise the facts in a hypothetical situation".

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    Video caption: Amy Coney Barrett: 'No conversation with Trump on how I might rule' on ACA or election

    Amy Coney Barrett says she hasn't spoken to the president about the Affordable Care Act or the election.

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    Video caption: Four Covid rules broken by Trump and the White House

    How did so many of President Trump's top team become infected with coronavirus?

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    Video caption: Trump doctor: 'He's back'

    White House physician Sean Conley said the team was 'cautiously optimistic' about the president's recovery.

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    Video caption: Trump coronavirus treatment taught him 'a lot'

    Speaking from the Walter Reed Medical Center, President Trump described his treatment as the 'real school'.