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    Video caption: The battle over what US children learn about American history

    As President Trump pushes "patriotic education", some teachers want US history curriculum reform.

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    Video caption: Coronavirus: How blind school in Worcester is keeping pupils safe

    New College Worcester, a school for blind or vision impaired youngsters, is adapting to Covid rules.

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    Video caption: How these teachers would take charge in a presidential debate

    These educators have zero tolerance for rule-breakers and name-calling - especially from presidential candidates.

  4. Lessons from a lockdown yoga teacher

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    Video caption: Stephanie Hare on the benefits of becoming a yogi during lockdown
  5. Russian teachers petition against vaccine

    A vial containing the Russian Sputnik V vaccine, 7 Aug 20
    Image caption: A vial containing the Russian Sputnik V vaccine

    In Russia more than 1,450 people have signed an online petition set up by the Uchitel teachers' union against any compulsory vaccination of teachers.

    The government says it wants teachers and health workers to get the new Russian coronavirus vaccine first. Vaccination will be voluntary, it insists, in line with Russian law.

    Uchitel's petition to the government, on the Change.org campaign website, warns that teachers may be pressurised into having the vaccine - either threatened with dismissal or a pay cut. So it urges them to say no.

    The union says Russia's Sputnik V vaccine has not yet had an essential Phase Three clinical trial, involving thousands of volunteers. So mass vaccination is still too risky, it is argued.

    Results published on Friday from two small clinical trials pointed to the vaccine triggering antibodies safely. Russia plans to launch Phase Three trials this week.

  6. More students bid for teacher-training in county

    There's been a rise in people applying for teaching training courses at the University of Cumbria.

    The university says that it's received just under 3,000 applications for this year's intake, which is an increase of 14%, compared to last year.

    University of Cumbria sign