Earth science

  1. You Could Dig Through the Earth?

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    Video caption: What would happen if you kept digging all the way through the earth?

    The deepest hole humankind ever dug only got one thousandth of the way through the earth. But what would happen if you kept digging?

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    Video caption: Landsat-9: Key Earth observing spacecraft set to launch

    The Landsat-9 spacecraft will continue an unbroken, near-50-year observation of our changing world.

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    Video caption: Climate change: How to measure a shrinking glacier

    Scientists warn that under the current melting rate even major glaciers are at risk of disappearing.

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    Video caption: Couple make sensational lockdown fossil find

    Research during Covid lockdown led Neville and Sally Hollingworth to a remarkable Jurassic site.

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    Video caption: Satellite movie tracks Icelandic volcano eruption

    Fagradalsfjall is pictured from orbit as it spews molten rock across the Icelandic landscape.

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    Video caption: Surging Alaskan glacier viewed from space

    Radar satellites record the daily movement of Muldrow Glacier in Denali National Park.