Marine biology

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    Video caption: Giant pristine coral reef discovered off Tahiti

    Marine explorers have discovered a 3km (2-mile) coral reef and scientists believe there could be more.

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    Video caption: Watch: Rare Pink Handfish spotted in Australian waters

    A rare and endangered Pink Handish has been spotted in Australian waters.

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    Video caption: Fish sounds uncovered on restored Indonesian reef

    Researchers used underwater microphones to capture sounds of marine life on a reef in Indonesia, some of which have never been heard before.

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    Video caption: Bioluminescence: Photographer's five year wait to capture blue sea glow

    Gareth Mon Jones says he went to the beach 15 nights in a row to find a bioluminescence display.

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    Video caption: Drone cameras record social lives of killer whales

    A new study suggests killer whales may socialise with each other based on age and gender.

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    Video caption: Indonesia coral reef partially restored in extensive project

    Around 40,000 sq m of coral reef has been restored in Indonesia with plans to extend the scheme further.

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    Video caption: Saving the kelp forest that stars in My Octopus Teacher

    The makers of the Bafta-winning documentary want to preserve the underwater ecosystem it features.

  8. Listening to the Deep

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    Video caption: Artist Jana Winderen transports us underwater, to listen to the sonic wonders of the sea.

    Artist Jana Winderen transports us underwater to listen to the sonic wonders of the sea: melting ice booms, cacophonous coral, singing whales and fish that howl at the moon.