Making a living in extraordinary circumstances

What is it like running a business in an unrecognised nation?
There are almost 200 nations in the world. But there are also a few dozen others that - officially at least - don't exist. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is one of them. It is only recognised by Turkey, while the rest of the world regards it as an illegally occupied area. It has been under an international economic embargo since 1983.
The BBC's Ivana Davidovic has been to Northern Cyprus to talk to business owners – from a small family-owned coffee roastery to the manager of the only airport – to find out if and how they manage to trade and survive against all the odds.

(PHOTO: Ilke Ozerlat from Ozerlat Coffee pictured in their roastery on the outskirts of Nicosia, Credit: Ivana Davidovic, BBC)