Knife crime

Fashion student creates stab-proof jacket

A fashion student from Birmingham City University who says she has lost multiple friends and family members to knife crime has created a stab-proof jacket.

Shelana's son, Rimarni, wearing the gilet
Birmingham City University

Shelana Morton, 32, from Birmingham, created the gilet using a layer of ‘kevlar’ - a protective fabric which forms part of uniforms worn by army, military and police officers which helps to prevent slash and puncture wounds.

“An 11 year-old told me that my gilet garment could save his life,” she said. “What world do we live in when a child as young as 11 is saying that?”

She has also incorporated phrases stitched into the jacket's hood including: ‘Protect yourself with language not violence’, ‘Value your life’ and ‘Do you want to live with blood on your hands?’.

Shelana Morton
Shelana Morton

I've lost multiple family members and friends to knife crime - I understand what families are going through, and because of that and the rise in knife crime, it all resonated with me. I just think it's time for change.

Shelana MortonFashion student