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Jeremy Corbyn: 'We will commit to a public vote'
The Labour leader tells the TUC he will commit to holding a further referendum with a "credible Leave option".

TUC chief: 'Cummings' politics belong in the gutter'

TUC chief: 'Cummings' politics belong in the gutter'

The general secretary of the Trades Union Congress has used her speech at the union's conference to criticise Boris Johnson's top aide.

Frances O'Grady said that Dominic Cummings' politics "belong in the gutter".

She added: "The vote to leave the EU isn't the cause of what's gone wrong, it's a symptom of what's gone wrong."

TUC calls for ban on 'class discrimination' at work

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The TUC's annual congress is being held in Brighton from Sunday to Wednesday.

Kate Bell, is the head of economics for the trade union body. She told Radio 5 Live's Wake Up to Money: "We're calling on the goverment to take no deal Brexit off the table".

The TUC has published research showing that the "odds are stacked against you" if you are from a working class background, citing its new research asking for legal measures to tackle discrimination based on class at work.

She says that it could be sensible to look at combining gender pay reporting with this new idea for reporting on class.

The BBC story on that is here.